Welcome to St Andrew and St Michael

Welcome to Stockwell Parish

We are a warm and welcoming community with two churches:  St Andrew's Landor Road and St Michael's, Stockwell Park Road.  More information on both churches is set out on dedicated pages on this website.  There is also a map, so you can see if you are in the parish and where each church is.  We have lots of information on this website, which we hope you will find useful. 

If you haven't been to any of our services, please do come and try us out.  St Andrew's is a more traditional high church service and St Michael's is more modern and lower church in feel.  Both have a sung communion on Sunday mornings, and extremely good tea/coffee and eats afterwards.

News Headlines

LB Lambeth Civic Leaders to visit St Michael’s Church on Remembrance Sunday

The Mayor of Lambeth and the Bishop of Kingston have asked our Vicar, Erica Wooff, to lead the Stockwell/BrixtonRemembrance Sunday event at Stockwell War Memorial on Sunday 12th November. This year, with the new African Caribbean War Memorial in Windrush Square, Brixton now fully open, we want to start a new tradition: one event with two acts of remembrance - Stockwell War Memorial at 11am and Brixton AC War Memorial at 1pm - linking the tradition and history of Lambeth with its contemporary diversity. This will be the new pattern for North Lambeth and is the main LB Lambeth Remembrance event this year.

Our Churches

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church has no heating at present and would cost around £2 million to renovate current under-maintenance, not including much needed modern essentials as proper disabled access and toilets.  Its hall (Hammerton Hall) would cost a further £ 2.5 million on the same basis.  The hall is locally 'listed' by the London Borough of Lambeth as “of interest architecturally”; while the church is not. The church cannot raise the amount needed for restoration and repairs need to begin immediately to limit further deterioration.

St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church is listed as a Grade 2 building in the national register of buildings of architectural or historic interest.  It requires work to restore but has no severe maintenance backlog excluding rewiring, which we endeavour to undertake shortly.  However, to make it fit for purpose in the longer term would be very costly, the amount depending on the proposed changes made.  St Michael's Hall dates from the 1950s, has been well-maintained, but lacks certain facilities, for example a shower.